Vikki, you give [me] both temporary pain reduction through relaxation massage, AND you give permanent pain reduction through deep-massage scar tissue manipulation and joint mobilization…you help actually fix the underlying muscle damage & keep the muscles from hurting even more later!

Sandy M.

I have had massage for years due to the awful condition of my spine—Vikki is by far the best I have encountered—she goes deep in the places that have incapacitated me for years.
I am in less pain now than I have been in for many years.

V. Campbell

Vikki, you are a miracle worker! My leg feels so much better.

Aimee B.

Vikki, you are a miracle worker! For the first time in I don’t know how long I got out of bed this morning without any pain walking.


You are an intelligent well versed masseuse! I feel as though you may be able to make my pain bearable, or even less!

Helen Lynch

I should tell you … by the time I left I was much better and not really in pain. I am doing good now … Thank you so much for your expertise!

Marguerite B.

Having tried a suite of therapies – massage / ART / myofascial release / acupuncture, etc., with varying degrees of success. Of all therapists in all the disciplines, Nguyet was easily the most thorough in examination and diagnosis, and then got me feeling substantially better within the session. Very happy!

Matt F

Skilled therapist. Love her healing hands.


Very professional and knowledgeable.


I had a very rewarding experience with Vikki. She spent almost an hour targeting my injury and diagnosing what the source of my pain and limitation was. I was so impressed with her knowledge, her thoroughness, and the result I am already experiencing. I cannot say enough positive things about Vikki and my experience!

Cathy Leary